Marine & Air Force Pilot team to create BLACK EAGLE FORCE.

BLACK EAGLE FORCE – Eye of the Storm

High-Tech Special Ops Force Defends American Shores in New Military Action Thriller novel.

Black Eagle Force is a top-secret, Special Ops unit of ex-military men and women created for its ultra-rapid-deployment capabilities and intended to operate outside of governmental restrictions. In Eye of the Storm, a fast-paced new military thriller novel by Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer, a border skirmish on a Texas ranch catches the attention of the DoD, and within minutes, the BEF is scrambled in their high-tech VTOL aircraft to investigate and to protect the United States border. Joining forces with the former Marine family that owns the Texas ranch, their mission deepens to preventing suitcase nuclear weapons from being detonated by terrorists in the United States, while struggling to penetrate a criminal empire on a remote, heavily defended island in the Gulf of Mexico. They are tasked by President Annette Henry Thompson to sanction with extreme prejudice the mastermind behind the acquisition of the nuclear devices, also a trafficker in drugs and human lives, and in the quest to accomplish this before Hurricane Ellen hits the island fortress, BEF finds itself challenged to live up to its motto: Semper Paro Bellum—”Always ready for war”.

Advance praise for the novel:

“I liked it very, very much and I’m a hard sell.… I recommend it to anyone who likes story, adventure, hard-hitting and constant action with many distinct… and appealing characters.” —Cliff Osmond, actor, writer, and director

“I’m impatiently waiting for the sequel.” —Major John Eastman, USMC (ret.), author of Verdict! In Search of a Crime.

Visit the Black Eagle Force Facebook page to become a fan and learn more about the high-velocity, state-of-the-art weaponry and aircraft adopted by this team of fighters contracted to defend the United States. Advance Reading Copies of the new novel are available from the BEF Facebook page and also from the website while supplies last. Or contact Timber Creek Productions at

About the authors:

Buck Stienke, graduate of the USAF Academy (’71), was a captain and a fighter pilot for the United States Air Force, has a vast knowledge of weapons and aircraft. He and Ken Farmer have penned over twenty-five screen and teleplays and are the producers of the award-winning film Rockabilly Baby. Ken Farmer, a former U.S. Marine and an actor/writer/director for 38 years, wrote and directed Rockabilly Baby. The two are presently writing the sequel to Eye of the Storm.

Contact Information:
Pierre O’Rourke
Phone: 602-751-8743




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Marine and Air Force Pilot team to create BLACK EAGLE FORCE. The authors of BLACK EAGLE FORCE, Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer have combined their creativity also in writing over twenty-five screen and teleplays, some of which have received award winning recognition like their movie, Rockabilly Baby. One such recent collaboration resulted in a magnificent screenplay adaptation from the hit novel by John Eastman, Verdict in Search of a Crime. The script is now in Hollywood. John Eastman's work and friendship inspired Ken and Buck to write, Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm. BEF novels 2 (Black Eagle Force: Sacred Mountain) and 3 (Return of the Starfighter) have been released and are all in Amazon's Best Sellers Top 100 list, Fiction>War. We have also just released our first historical fiction western, THE NATIONS, on Amazon and elsewhere.
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  1. Jeannie Porter says:

    Wow! After reading the first and second Black Eagle Force novels, I am hooked! Non-stop action and believeable technologies are interspersed with suspense that will keep you turning page after page. Excellent series of action packed books. Thanks! R.A.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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