Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm release date.

Tate Publishing announces the release of “BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Eye of the Storm”. – FEBRUARY 14.
Available now at Tate:
and at
The sequel, “Black Eagle Force: Sacred Mountain” available as a signed ARC from
Number three in the BEF series, “Return of the Starfighter” is going through the proofing process. Oorah!


About darephillips

Marine and Air Force Pilot team to create BLACK EAGLE FORCE. The authors of BLACK EAGLE FORCE, Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer have combined their creativity also in writing over twenty-five screen and teleplays, some of which have received award winning recognition like their movie, Rockabilly Baby. One such recent collaboration resulted in a magnificent screenplay adaptation from the hit novel by John Eastman, Verdict in Search of a Crime. The script is now in Hollywood. John Eastman's work and friendship inspired Ken and Buck to write, Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm. BEF novels 2 (Black Eagle Force: Sacred Mountain) and 3 (Return of the Starfighter) have been released and are all in Amazon's Best Sellers Top 100 list, Fiction>War. We have also just released our first historical fiction western, THE NATIONS, on Amazon and elsewhere.
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